September Recap

Can I call this an update if it’s my first post? Regardless, I’ve decided to do a monthly update on what’s happening with my writing, starting with this “September Recap.” I’ll organize it the same way news articles were written (back when news articles were written), with the most important information at the beginning.

First of all, September was huge because editor Bryce Beattie’s new pulp magazine, StoryHack Action & Adventure, came out. It includes my short story “New Rules for Rocket Nauts,” which is also featured on the cover. It’s a very high quality production, and I hope this issue is the first of many.  It’s available in print and electronic versions (I prefer print, but I know the Lorax is winning and lots of people are moving towards electronic).  You should definitely check it out at the links below, encourage others to read it, and leave a review.

In other writing news, I wrote and edited two short stories and one poem in September. I’ve submitted one of the stories already, but I’m holding the other one until I find the right venue for it. I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with the poem, but I’ll be sure to make an announcement when/if something happens with any of these.

For now, my goal is to write or edit a few things every month, and make submissions when I can. In October, I know I’ll be focusing most of my attention on editing my Young Adult novel since I will have some feedback from test readers coming in soon.

In non-writing news: we’re a month and a half into the current school year. I’m enjoying my classes this year, especially my new World Lit class, but naturally my teacherly duties—as well as collateral duties—mean less time for writing.

That about wraps it up! September was an exciting and productive month, but I’m looking forward to October to cool things off and make it finally feel like my favorite season has arrived.


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