2021 releases!

We’re into a new year, and with that I have some upcoming releases to announce, plus some updates on my ongoing projects.

First on the list: my short comic, “Quiet as the Grave,” will finally see print in the pages of Monster Mashup Volume 2. This one has been a long time coming (more than 2 years since I wrote the script!!), and I have to admit that I kind of assumed the project was dead. Turns out, the only thing dead are the living dead guardians of Ba-Pef’s tomb! GritCity Comics is funding this project through a Kickstarter, and the campaign is right around the corner. I’m excited to see this one come to fruition, and I’ll definitely be updating more when we hit the launch date of the Kickstarter campaign on the ides of March, MARCH 15th, 2021!

Also coming out this year will be my second story in the pages of StoryHack Action & Adventure. I originally titled the story “Far From the Tree,” but finally sold it under the much snappier title of “The Berserker’s Son.” I really love this story, and I’m happy to have placed it at StoryHack. Bryce Beattie, the editor, has an eye for pulp-style action, and this story has it by the fistful. Expect more news on the release date in the future.

In addition to those sales, I have a few other projects on various burners (mostly in the back…). I’ve worked on-and-off on a sequel to Coywolf, and I’m pretty far into the first draft. I’ll admit that I thought of dropping it completely, but every time I do, I have new readers of Coywolf contact me and ask when–never if–a sequel will be available. I’m always flattered to hear so much demand, and it’s humbling to think that I have dedicated fans–well, Jackson Porter does, at least. So I guess I need to get on it!

I also have another novel I’ve been working on. It’s quite a bit different from Coywolf, since this is a historical/biographical novel. I am enamored with the historical figures and big events in this story, but I’m also quite daunted by the ins-and-outs of the time period. I have my plot, I have my characters, I have my setting, but I’ve been researching the people and period for about three years now (here and there, secretively…), because I really need to know what life was like for these people before I begin writing. I think I’m getting close. This is one of the projects that I’ve let pull me away from the sequel to Coywolf, so ultimately I’ll have to choose one to throw myself into first.

I also have a plan to release one or two short story collections in the near future. I have a ton of short stories, and most of them are in fighting shape (ie publishable). I’m thinking of putting out two collections, one full of sci-fi stories, the other fantasy. In fact, if StoryHack hadn’t picked up “The Berserker’s Son,” that story would’ve headlined the fantasy collection–I was already talking to artists and working on the interior layout when the story sold. Now that StoryHack has first rights, though, I might push the fantasy collection back until next year (or go ahead with it, sans “The Berserker’s Son”) in favor of getting the sci-fi collection out sometime in 2021. Even so, that would probably be a summer release, at the earliest. Decisions, decisions!

As you can see, 2021 is looking to be a busy year, and definitely make up for 2020’s lull (although most people are just going to omit 2020 from their personal history books anyway, right?). I’ll keep the page updated as new info about these projects comes out.

Until next time: write on!

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