• Coywolf

JPEG ebook coverTeenager Jackson Porter doesn’t even realize how much his life sucks, only because he’s never really thought about it. But that all changes when the new girl, Diana Shepherd, shares her magical ability with him: together, they explore the world through the eyes of wild animals. This magic unlocks Jackson’s full potential, but it also opens his eyes to the harsh realities of his life. That’s when he embarks on the journey of growth that might one day lead him out of his dreadful small town life—if he’s willing to make the difficult changes that it would take.

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Published short stories:

    • Thunderbolt Colt, published in Broadswords and Blasters issue #8

In this Weird Western, a son of Zeus makes his way through the Old West with the help of his magic six-guns, a bison named Clover, and a mountain lion named Whiskers.

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    • New Rules for Rocket Nauts, published in StoryHack issue #1

It’s graduation day for the Rocket Nauts on Ganymede’s floating training base, but Leo is not with his classmates–which is the only reason he survives the surprise attack!  He’s going to have to play by his own set of rules if he wants to take the fight to his alien attackers.

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    • Remembrance, published in the 2007 issue of Labyrinth

An old man is driven to the edge when a question about his youth arises and threatens to shatter his memories of his dearly departed wife.

This short story was published in the 2007 edition of The Labyrinth, the literary magazine of the United States Naval Academy.