Big announcement!

BIG NEWS!!! My young adult novel will be out soon!

Look for a release date announcement in the next month or so, but the book should be out around the end of April or in May. In the meantime, I’ll be posting updates on my various social media accounts, including pre-order info once the release date is set.

Here’s the status so far: the cover art has been finished for about a month (it’s stunning, in my opinion), the editor has just returned his notes (which I need to go through), the ISBN has been assigned, and the Library of Congress number has been applied for.

What other exciting info can I give you guys today? How about a title reveal?


Everyone knows that I’ve been writing for awhile, but so far everything I’ve had published has been short stories or poems, so this is big for me. Stay tuned for more info, like a synopsis, cover reveal, and more!

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